Fender American Standard Telecaster.

Olympic White - Alder Body - Maple Neck

Rosewood Fretboard - 22 Medium Jumbo Nickel Silver Frets

Fender Delta Tone Pickup System - Schaller Die Cast Machine Heads

Micro-Tilt Neck Adjustment - Patented BI - Flex Truss Rod - Made in USA.

Tokai Stratocaster.

Fiesta Red - Alder Body - Maple Neck - Maple Fretboard - 21 Frets

Made in Japan.

Alesis QuadraverbGT

20K Bandwidth Simultaneous Guitar Effects Processor..

The QuadraverbGT includes many digital effects plus an analogue guitar preamp section which features variable compression, overdrive, distortion, preamp tone curves and bass boost, a guitar amp/cabinet simulator, and a noise gate. In addition, the Quadraverb features an effects loop send and return. The Quadraverb GT gives you the ability to fine tune the harmonic structure of your guitar tone through a powerful parametric equalizer section combined with the Quadraverbs resonators that actually extract and emphasise harmonics from your guitar. These analogue effects produce a complete guitar sound from pre-amp to signal processing all in one box. The Quadraverb will make your guitar sing.

Marshall Series 9000

Guitar Pre-Amp MGP 9004.

Marshall Valvestate

80 + 80 Watt Power Amp Model 8008.


Twin Marshall 1912 Cabs

Digital Music Corp
Ground Control

Programmable MIDI Foot Controller.

Zoom GFX-707

Guitar Effects Processor.

Four separate effect modules (single/combined effects) can be used at the same time, together with Zoom Noise Reduction and the built-in amp simulator. Effects include analog distortion, various modulation effects such as chorus and flanger, and reverberation effects such as reverb and delay. In total you have a choice of 48 types of effects.

The GFX-707 has room for 30 patches which are read only and 30 that can be freely modified by the user. So you have a total of 60 patches readily available.

The GFX will operate continuously for up to 14 hours on one set of alkaline batteries. The large display showing patch names is easy to read at a distance, and the built-in expression pedal is great for enhancing any performance. For extended use, the unit can also be powered by an AC adapter.

When editing a patch, the three knobs on the top panel let you change parameters with a quick and direct feel. The edited patch can be stored for later use.

A high quality PCM sound source creates realistic rhythm patterns that are handy for practicing or for small jam sessions. You can choose from as many as 45 rhythm patterns.

Another advantage is the integrated sampler with a recording duration of up to 6 seconds. It even allows half speed play back without altering the pitch.

With a simple foot switch operation, you can record and play a phrase of up to 2 seconds during a gig. This is great for creating scratch effects,doing reverse playback or producing other special effects.


Click on the icon to visit this really useful site for more patches and rhythm settings.

Tascam 424 Mk II Portastudio.

Four Track Recording System